Affordable PC Techs is a home based business and can provide you with the best prices around. We know how much it can cost you to have a computer fixed at a shop. Sometimes it's more than what the computer is worth and we understand not everyone can afford a new computer. This is why we decided to work from our home office. It saves us money and that is how we are able to offer these great prices to you. We are located in Fall River, Ma Why pay more if you don't have to? With the economy the way it is there is no need to pay more. We provide the same services as most computer shops and offer a 100% repair guarantee. If we can't fix the problem it cost you nothing. You have nothing to lose. Our objective is to cater to all people not just the ones who can afford to pay more. Prices Our Residential rate is $50.00 per hour. Our Business rate is $80.00 per hour. If you just need a power supply, memory, dvd rom or a single video card installed then it’s only $35.00. Prices do not include any materials that may be needed to complete the job. About 90% of our home repairs are done in under two hours. Customer pays for parts so there is no markup on our end. You know exactly what the item cost. All other computer shops buy the parts and then jack up the price to make a profit. We have no overhead so we can do this. This is another way we save you money. What makes us different from the other guys? We don't charge you a fee to diagnose the problem like most places. So don't spend your money having someone diagnose the problem then pay more money to fix it. Our Prices and customer satisfaction is also better. We know once you switch with us you will never go back to your original computer repair shop. Just remember calling us first already saves you money. Can't come to us? We will pickup and return your computer for you at no extra charge, provided you are in the local service area. More info.. Business Solutions Looking to setup a server with Active Directory or upgrade to a newer version of Windows server? We can do that. Surveilance Systems We install security cameras to secure your business or home. We will work with you to find you the best solution. Custom Built Computers We also custom build computers. You will never get any no name parts that last about a year then die out. Most computer places sell you no name parts that they get cheap and charge you an arm and a leg. Our parts come from one place online only. This company is well known and the products are all names brands but they sell them at the best price around. Most parts come with a 3 year manufactures warranty. Don't waste your money buy it right the first time around.  
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Don’t feel like talking on the phone? We have Remote Support and a Help Desk Ticket sytem. We can assist you in solving computer related issues remotely over the Internet within minutes. The remote software allows us to connect to your computer.You will be able to see everything the tech is doing on your screen. It's like having a technician right along side you.      How much does it cost? Remote support is billed in 30 minute increments and starts only from the time our technician connects to your system. Example: 0-30 minutes $25.00 - Our remote prices cant be beat If for some reason we can't fix it over the internet, we will come to your house and resolved it there or at the shop. You will not get charged for remote support that could not be resolved online.
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